Saturday, June 27, 2009

How the int'l news media portray Honduras

For the past few days, the little that the international news media have covered the current Honduran political crisis, has gotten a distorted version of what's really going on here. Not only are news editors (and, thus, foreign readers) fooled about our reality, but members and authorities in the OAS and the UN --as well as in the White House-- have "learned" about our political conditions in a myopic way. Honduran Permanent Rep. to the OAS, Ambassador Carlos Sosa Cuello, has rested his case in the assembly, making the other State representatives believe his official side of the story. Sadly, he represents the government of Honduras, which is currently being questioned by about 80% of the Honduran population. Of course, the other 20% seems to be composed of warm-hearted, nation-loving Hondurans, who all they want is a new Constitution to make the poor richer, and the rich poorer in order to have a more fair and equitable society. Yes, it's the Socialism of the 21st century, which is alive and well --and of which I have warned in previous writings elsewhere. If Zelaya appears to you as a martyr, a democrat and a freedom lover, that means he did a good job as a PR wizard -- but, alas, professional news reporters got tricked!

It's frustrating to see that the international community believes the vicious lies of the Honduran government, considering that its top leader, President Zelaya, is a staunch supporter of drug trafficking, drug consumption, money laundering, kidnappings, assassinations, extortions and many other crimes that plague our frail society. It's because of Zelaya's lifestyle and governing style that Congress wants --and should!-- impeach him. However, thanks to the intervention and warnings of the noble and well-informed international community (Obama's gov't not excluded), Congress has been cautious about impeaching this imbecile of president we have. The OAS, the UN and many foreign gov'ts have reaffirmed Zelaya their support for democracy and that his plans to "consult" the Honduran nation about making this country a socialist one (disguised in a diff. language) is legitimate and they will stand behind him all the way. Little do they know what they're doing! In fact, Zelaya is the least democratic citizen in this country. Why, then, should the international community be supporting?! It's absurd.

Contrary to what many believe abroad, our president, Manuel Zelaya, is following the exact footsteps of Hugo Chávez. Today, Venezuela is polluted by socialist/communist laws, institutions and programs that threaten and strangulate free commerce, free speech, free politics and free anything...

Last night on CNN en Español, Zelaya lied through his teeth, telling news anchor Glenda Umaña, and millions of TV watchers, that he has noble plans for Honduras, that our nation is calm and at peace with his plans, and that he has no intentions of continuing in power after Jan. 2010, when his presidential term officially ends. He also fibbed about not wanting to follow Cuba's and Venezuela's footsteps. Nonetheless, everything Zelaya has done in the past 2-3 years has emulated Castro and Chávez. So, what guarantees the Honduran nation that in 4, 8 or 10 years we will not be lamenting the putrid ideas and plans of Zelaya? Absolutely nothing, zero, cero, zilch.

One last message to foreign readers: Do not think that what Zelaya is doing to our country is different from what occurred to Venezuela 10 years ago. Our nation will come done completely if we let this foul and repressive president do his thing. Where is Ronald Reagan when you need him?

I'm ready to pack by bags.

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