Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Intellectuals respond to Israel-Lebanon conflict

A letter from Chomsky and others on the recent events in the Middle East (July 19, 2006):

"The latest chapter of the conflict between Israel and Palestine began when Israeli forces abducted two civilians, a doctor and his brother, from Gaza. An incident scarcely reported anywhere, except in the Turkish press. The following day the Palestinians took an Israeli soldier prisoner - and proposed a negotiated exchange against prisoners taken by the Israelis - there are approximately 10,000 in Israeli jails.

"That this 'kidnapping' was considered an outrage, whereas the illegal military occupation of the West Bank and the systematic appropriation of its natural resources - most particularly that of water - by the Israeli Defence (!) Forces is considered a regrettable but realistic fact of life, is typical of the double standards repeatedly employed by the West in face of what has befallen the Palestinians, on the land alloted to them by international agreements, during the last seventy years.

"Today outrage follows outrage; makeshift missiles cross sophisticated ones. The latter usually find their target situated where the disinherited and crowded poor live, waiting for what was once called Justice. Both categories of missile rip bodies apart horribly - who but field commanders can forget this for a moment?

"Each provocation and counter-provocation is contested and preached over. But the subsequent arguments, accusations and vows, all serve as a distraction in order to divert world attention from a long-term military, economic and geographic practice whose political aim is nothing less than the liquidation of the Palestinian nation.

"This has to be said loud and clear for the practice, only half declared and often covert, is advancing fast these days, and, in our opinion, it must be unceasingly and eternally recognised for what it is and resisted."

Tariq Ali
John Berger
Noam Chomsky
Eduardo Galeano
Naomi Klein
Harold Pinter
Arundhati Roy
Jose Saramago
Giuliana Sgrena
Howard Zinn



Soy Peruano said...

This is exactly what I've been trying to get at. None of these claims are either sensical or truthful.

intimaralem85 said...

I've been reading about Dershowitz bashing Chomsky since forever. He's a very, very bright guy (entered Harvard as the youngest professor--mid-20s). However, he's kind of jealous that there are brighter people than him. (Chomsky's written about 90 books, has been voted declared the world's leading public intellectual several times by reputable institutions, and is the 8th most quoted source in human history--after Aristotle, Plato, Shakespeare, the Bible, Marx, etc.).
Just check out how Chomsky ripped Dershowitz apart in an open and formal debate last year in Harvard (embarrassing, being Dershowitz's own workplace, in front of his students, and the topic being his own field--Chomsky analyzes politics as a hobbie).

What I have written thus far is only personal info. I want to thank you for pointing this article out to me. It is good to have a "fair and balanced" point of view--so to not be deceived.

Soy Peruano said...

I'll definitely check the debate. Being 1.5 hours, I'll have to find a time where I can sit down and watch it, but I definitely want to!

Soy Peruano said...
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intimaralem85 said...

Yeah, I watched it and it's very amusing to see two top-notch intellectuals behave like third graders.

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